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Welcome to QUASAR COIN

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Welcome to QUASAR COIN
Quasar Coin

"Fair travel" is also referred to as 'good travel' as a concept derived from fair trade,
in which producers and consumers form a comparable relationship.
It has been promoted in European and other English-speaking countries since the 2000s to reflect the environmental pollution,
destruction of civilization and waste caused by the trips, and to give a little help to the residents of difficult countries.

We want to build a platform in which travelers, hotels, restaurants and stores around
the world can mutually satisfy each other through fair trade.

Technically, we have built up an advanced reputation system
based on a block chain, a simple payment system in the form of a credit card,
various APIs, an instant transaction system to minimize the variability of cryptocurrency, In business,
it provides discounts through discounted quasar cards and eliminates anxiety factors by using proven companies,
and provides companies with promotional effects and sales increase within the Quasar platform.

Why Quasar Coin?
Coin specializing
in fair travel
Immediate Exchange
to ease concerns about
price volatility
Easy payment method of
card type and various
payment related APIs
Provide cooperative system
based on coin-related
block chain technology
Vision And Objective

Quasar aims to be a "business travel" that requires personalized information based on broad knowledge,
which starts with ‘fair travel’ to accumulate professional and advanced information,
moving on to "medical travel" that requires knowledge of specific fields and extensive information.

To The QUASAR World
2016. 05
2016. 07
2016. 12
2017. 09
2017. 10
2017. 12
2018. 04
2018. 05
2018. 12
2019. 09

Established project team

M2Mpool mining

Coin shop Operation

CoreSystem development

Crowd System development

ICO crowd sale

Quasar KOREA establish

Quasar CHINA establish

Quasar Institute / Foundation

Listed on exchange

QAC platform marketplace system construction

Quasar System HK establish

QACIntegrated ecosystem construction

Quasar Group Proclaim


Quasar Coin has adopted the bit coin platform, which has been proven to be
safe as the first cryptocurrency, and applied Light Coin to reduce block time for quick settlement in daily transactions.
In addition, for smooth block mining, it solves the difficulty-bomb problem which intentionally raises difficulty to make it difficult to mine.

Since the development of the quasar coin has already been completed,
the project team has focused on the development of the related infrastructure system in order to activate the transaction of the cryptocurrency.

Coin Name Quasar
Unit QAC
Total issue volume 368,100,000
Initial mining volume 257,670,000
Mining method POW
Algorithm Scrypt
Block time Within 60 seconds
Mining reward 0.21QAC
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Quasar Card

Quasar cards are the easiest payment method for users who are familiar with using
credit cards when paying by quasar coin, and can be paid by various methods such as QR code, IC chip and NFC according to the
status of the receiving terminal of the company. By combining the unique hash codes given by the system when issuing the card based
on the public key, illegal settlement is prevented so that it can only be used with the public key

Quasar Card
Card terminal
NFC receiver
QR Scanner
Public key
Hash code
Block Chain
Plastic card
plastic cards for users who are familiar with credit cards
Virtual card
Virtual cards available within your smartphone
Paper wallet
Payment API with paper allet printed on paper
QR code
Payment API using QR code scanner
Payment APIs that work with POS systems
the API that works with PayPal, WeChat Money
Mobile coupon
Payment API with Mobile coupon
Gift card
Payment API with Gift card
Payment API with NFC
API for withdrawal using ATM device
Smart Wallet

In general, mobile wallet offers three basic functions, sending coins, receiving coins and transaction records.
Quasar's Smart Wallet can provide search for businesses, view reputation, write reviews,
reserve / pay when needed as an advanced for of smart wallet.

Coin transmission
Search for travel agencies
Coins received
View your company's reputation
and write reviews
View transaction history
Reservation / payment function
Wallet installation Google PlayStore –input
“quasar wallet” Search Install
Wallet installation App Store -input
“bcheck” Search install
Mobile Web Wallet
The PC browser is vulnerable and does not support the quasar wallet service. The web wallet must be backed up before it can be used.

In general, mobile wallet offers three basic functions, sending coins, receiving coins and transaction records.
Quasar's Smart Wallet can provide search for businesses, view reputation, write reviews,
reserve / pay when needed as an advanced for of smart wallet.

Immediate Exchange
Reservation system
Reputation system
Quasar Group
ICO Results
110,430,000 QAC
2017.12.13~12.24 8,000 QAC
2018.01.01~01.14 7,000 QAC
2018.01.21~02.04 6,000 QAC
2018.02.12~02.25 5,500 QAC

* 1ETH standard
* The amount of payment was different due to the price of ETH

Current Standard Price 1ETH = 5,000 QAC